MMSB matches the recycling refunds for K-12 public and private schools in Newfoundland and Labrador during the school year. The Get Matched! program is an excellent way for schools to raise funds while encouraging students and families to adopt sustainable waste management habits at school, home and play.

 In 2019-20, schools recycled approximately 7 million beverage containers and raised more than $700,000 through the Get Matched! School Recycling Program.

How It Works

It’s easy to turn used beverage containers into support for your school.

1. Register your school.

Each year, schools must complete the Registration and Direct Deposit Form (download and fill form). This form ensures that MMSB has up-to-date bank account and contact information. Don’t miss out on a matched payment or update!

2. Collect beverage containers.

Here are three easy ways your school can start collecting beverage containers:

  • Place green recycling bins in lunch rooms, cafeterias and busy areas around your school.
  • Organize a recycling blitz to allow parents and members of the community to drop off beverage containers at your school.
  • Encourage students, parents and community members to donate beverage containers directly to your school at any Green Depot using your Xpress account number (your school’s telephone number).

Note: The purchase of used beverage containers by any school for the purpose of receiving matched refunds is strictly prohibited and will result in the school’s disqualification from the program.

MMSB only matches refunds on beverage containers included in the Beverage Container Recycling Program. Learn what’s accepted at the Green Depot to Get Matched!

Containers must be properly prepared to be eligible for a refund and matched funds payment. Learn how to prepare containers.

At the Green Depot

Any Green Depot customer can donate their beverage containers directly to a school registered with Get Matched!

  • Prior to having containers counted, all customers must advise a Green Depot employee that the containers are being donated to a school account.
  • By donating beverage containers to a school account, a customer authorizes the Green Depot to pay the applicable recycling refund directly to the school.
  • Account balances credited to a non-school account cannot be transferred to a school account and do not qualify for the matched funds payment.

3. Get Matched!

MMSB matches refunds on beverage containers returned to a Green Depot between September and June.

  • Matched funds payments are issued each month, commencing in October when payments are made for containers collected and counted in September. The last payment is made in July for containers collected and counted in June.
  • All matched funds are paid directly to the school through direct deposit to the school’s bank account. Principals receive a remittance notice confirming the payment.

Note: Only containers that have been counted by a Green Depot will be included in monthly payments. Any beverage containers received by a Green Depot but not counted will be included in the next monthly payment period.

Using Matched Funds

The Get Matched! program is an excellent way for schools to raise funds – individual schools can determine how matched funds are used to support school initiatives. MMSB encourages schools to use matched funds to support environmental programs around the school and in the classroom.

Many schools have used matched funds to:

  • Purchase additional recycling bins
  • Build a shed for storing recyclables
  • Purchase books to build an environmental resource library
  • Purchase or build classroom vermicompost bins
  • Purchase or build a compost bin and start composting at school
  • Purchase trees, shrubs or plants to naturalize school grounds

Rethink Waste at School

Schools are leading the way in environmental initiatives, providing creative learning environments that empower youth to make positive efforts to reduce waste.

Visit for information on school outreach programs, classroom resources and more!