When you recycle, you make it count—for yourself, your community and the environment. Recycle your used beverage containers, and do your part to help protect this place we love so much.

Recycling makes cents—for you.

When you purchase a beverage, you pay a deposit. When you return the used beverage container to a Green Depot, you receive a refund. Those refunds add up to more money in your pocket.

Recycling beverage containers protects our environment.

Recycling turns waste into a resource by transforming old materials into something new. This process uses fewer raw materials, requires less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And by keeping beverage containers out of our landfills, we extend the lives of those landfills. Recycling beverage containers also prevents our beautiful province from being littered with bottles and cans.

Recycling helps schools, charities and community groups.

Used beverage containers can turn into valuable support for charities and community groups. It’s as easy as registering for an account with a Green Depot. Anyone can collect beverage containers and donate the refund to the group using the group’s phone number.

Schools that register with our Get Matched! program earn twice the refund from beverage container donations.